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The Lassiter Firm, LLC, has only one goal:

To help you #AdvanceYourExcellence through resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn consultation, development and design.

You have the credentials, experience, and talent. But do your documents reflect that?

That’s where we come in.

Connect with us today to transform your professional presence.

Davia Rose Lassiter, Owner


I utilized the Lassiter Firm to help launch my career in the Risk Management Industry. With the Firm's help with my resume and cover letter, I was able to enter and be promoted in my current career.

Tiffany S.
Insurance/Risk Management

Thank you so much! I love it! My resume has come a long way since I initially submitted it for a makeover. Thanks for always being so professional and prompt with your reviewing.

Pamela F.M.
Higher Education

I found myself needing a resume after 7 years in the military, and my last day of active duty was approaching rapidly. My main challenges as far as job hunting were transferring my military experience to its civilian equivalent, and making sure that I was up to date with current job search practices. The Lassiter Firm finished my revisions in less than a day, and even included a cover letter in the price, much to my delight. I submitted the resume to a number of job websites and received a job offer approximately a month before I finished my military obligation. This allowed me to get an edge on completing a lengthy transition process much faster than it takes on average.

Davin L.

I obtained a position with John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth this year. I give so much credit to The Lassiter Firm for my professional resume. The Firm did a wonderful job highlighting my credentials and expounding upon my skills as a professional. My job entails instructing students all over the world in the field of Honors Chemistry from the comfort of my home. I always dreamed of working with students online in the field of chemistry and helping them with chemistry content and chemistry labs. I received this wonderful opportunity from a colleague who sent me an email and I applied. I am so happy in this new position and my words of advice are: Never discard an email regarding any job offer. Read it and go for that job opportunity if you know you are a great fit. I did it and you will be so glad you did. I finally got my dream job and look forward to continuing to work with John Hopkins in the future.

Norma P.

The Lassiter Firm is always readily available when I need professional assistance with my resume. If I have a question, I receive a reply back the same day. If you're looking to take your career to the next level, look no further.

Danielle D.
Federal Government

I recently got an offer for a new position. During my 3rd-round interview, the director mentioned how interesting my cover letter was. Thank you!

Ashley B.

The Lassiter Firm helped to give voice to my vision – I feel fully represented in my LinkedIn profile! It beautifully combines both my professional qualifications and my personal passions.

Katie D.
Marketing & Creative Services

Thank you so much for the work that you did to update my CV. I appreciate the clear communication and timely results. You definitely took the load off my shoulders and I love the outcome! I'd recommend your services to anyone!

Angelia H.
Education & Finance

The Lassiter Firm took the worry of updating my resume away. They handled pulling the story and messaging from me and placing it into a beautifully crafted document. When they say "advance your excellence", they mean it! I have transitioned into what appears at first look to be a completely different industry. However, The Lassiter Firm was able to draft the story of my career journey within the resume in a way that flows, paints a picture of who I am and the transferable, unique skills I bring into this work. It was a relief to work with them. I am now confident in presenting my resume to those who hold the keys to the next chapter of my career journey.

Tansy H.
Social Justice

I came to [them] completely overwhelmed by the process of creating my CV. I just received my Master's degree and am starting the harrowing process of applying to adjunct teaching roles for the first time. I had absolutely no idea where to start, Communication with TLF was nothing less that timely, efficient, and clear. Davia Lassiter took the time to meet with me and review all of my professional, speaking, and academic experience. Talking to her brought ideas out of me I didn't even know I had when it came to what to include on my CV and how to position myself in the job search process. I now feel armed to get out there and apply to jobs in a completely new field - and that's something I couldn't say before working with The Lassiter Firm. They truly helped me realize the value I bring to the table and my true worth in the job market.

Alex H.

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